Every day, handicap tub and shower installations make life easier for people all over Norfolk County. Differently-abled people stay safe while bathing thanks to these tubs. They experience more freedom for this essential part of their everyday lives. However, installing a handicap-accessible tub or shower in your home can be a real pain. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can also dangerous.

Don’t attempt to install a handicap tub or shower yourself. Leave it to an expert who can do it quickly and safely. You’ll be so much happier with the results!

Stress-Free Tub and Shower Installation

Getting any kind of home improvement project done can be stressful, even if you aren’t the one who’s dealing with it. Setterlund Plumbing and Heating wants to make your experience as stress-free as possible! When you know that our professionals are the ones handling the installation, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Handicap Accessible Showers and Tubs Features

Certified Handicap TubcuT InstallerSetterlund Plumbing and Heating is a certified TubcuT installer in Medfield, MA. TubcuT is the most trusted name in handicap accessible tubs and showers. These tubs and showers give you convenient step-through access in the front. They work with a wide variety of materials. So whether you have fiberglass, acrylic, steel, or cast-iron in your bathroom, you can expect the finished product to look great!

Setterlund would love to help you find the tub or shower that’s suited to your unique needs and lifestyle. Not happy with the original installation? We’d be happy to make your tub a better fit by modifying or upgrading it as needed.

Get a Free Consultation on Your Handicap Tub

You should only trust the best to install your handicap accessible tub or shower. Call Setterlund today at 508.541.7861 for a FREE consultation on a handicap tub installation. We also offer full one-year warranties on our parts and service.